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Building a Progressive International

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Clinton Behind 2009 Honduras Coup? Emails Show US Warned OAS Head Not to Support Ousted Honduran President Zelaya

Thailand: US-Funded Election “Monitors” Exposed

President Obama Signs GMO ‘Non-labeling’ Bill, Leaves Millions of Americans in the Dark

America’s “Humanitarian Massacre” of Syrian Civilians. The “Counter-Terrorism” Campaign Is Directed against the Syrian People

Hillary Clinton Allegedly Worked for Company that Did Business With the Islamic State Group

Fear and hatred unite Americans – US military more progressive?

Turkey’s Nuclear Weapons

US Warplanes Massacre Syrian Civilians Unaccountably

Abu Ghraib Torture Company Re-Hired For Syria – How ISIS Will Benefit

Science, Precaution, Innovation: Glyphosate Herbicides, Harmful Pharmaceuticals, Infant Vaccines, GM Technology…

Jeremy Corbyn Calls for End to UK ‘Arms Bazaar’ Policy in Middle East. No More Weapons for Saudi Arabia

The Privatization of Water: Six More Charged in Flint Water Crisis, but Still No Accountability for Governor Snyder

Obama’s Infamous Pivot to Asia: Countdown to War in the South China Sea?

Might The Donald Be Good for Peace?

Fate Accompli

Obama Said Hillary Will Continue His Legacy And Indeed She Will!

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Former PM of Australia Kevin Rudd’s Failed Bid to Become the Next UN Secretary General

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“In the Language of Miracles”. The Sociology of Muslim Americans

The Psychology of Ideology and Religion

A New Low in US Presidential Politics: The Anointment of Hillary, the Neocon “War Goddess”

NATO Psychological Operations (PSYOP) to Influence Emotions and Sway Public Opinion

Attempt to Ban Russian Olympic Team – New Cold War at Its ‘Best’!

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Selected Articles: Cults of Security and Terror: Fear Ahead of the Rio Olympic Games