UN Security Council supports Russia’s resolution on Donbass



The UN Security Council adopted the Russia-proposed resolution on Donbass. The document became the first resolution that the UN Security Council passed in the past six months. Previously, the countries had failed to find common grounds on the problem during nearly 30 sessions. This time, even the US has not vetoed the resolution. Pravda.Ru asked expert opinion from Professor of the Department of International Law at MGIMO Dmitry Labin to comment on the news.

“Of course, one had to adopt something, because all previous attempts were unsuccessful. Then came the time, when the body responsible for international security measures had to say something. As for the draft resolution that Russia proposed – it could not cause any objections, because the wording of the document is clear and understandable enough. It goes about the efforts to stabilize the situation to establish peace,” said Dmitry Labin.

The expert noted that one could hardly object to such a proposal. However, the resolution of the Security Council is not a legally binding document for the warring parties, the expert told Pravda.Ru. Nevertheless, it seems curious that the West made a step towards Russia.

“The situation is perfectly clear. One could somehow maneuver during the Minsk talks on this subject, but now the only goal is to save the lives of those who remain in the Debaltsevo entrapment. The West and the US soberly understand that there is no other option left for this. All understand that a cease-fire and guarantee of stability is most important. It is impossible to further conceal the real situation that has developed in the region,” concluded Dmitry Labin.

Meanwhile, the head of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Lugansk, Igor Plotnitsky, said at a news briefing with reporters that the breakaway republic could return to Ukraine. According to him, this will depend on how the Minsk agreements are implemented.

“Are we going to be a part of Ukraine? It all depends on what kind of Ukraine it will be. If it is the Ukraine that we have today – then no. If they conduct the reforms and become another Ukraine, then it is possible, We will see how it all ends,” Plotnitsky said, Pravda.Ru reports with reference to Interfax.

The conflict in the Donbass has led to the destruction of 50,000 residents, German special services said,Pravda.Ru reports.

US wishes death to Donbass civilianshttp://english.pravda.ru/news/world/18-02-2015/129849-un_security_council_donbass-0/


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