Ukraine May Have to Give Up Some Land in ‘Negotiated Settlement,’ Biden Says

The Trends Journal has called for negotiations since February

By Gerald Celente

Global Research, June 06, 2022

Trends Journal 4 June 2022

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President Joe Biden on Friday acknowledged for the first time since the Ukraine War broke out that Ukraine may eventually have to cede land to Russia if it wants to reach a ‘negotiated settlement’ and end the death and destruction.

Biden said he will not tell Kyiv how to proceed, but it “appears to me that at some point along the line, there’s going to have to be a negotiated settlement here.”

“And what that entails, I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows at the time. But in the meantime, we’re gonna continue to put the Ukrainians in a position where they can defend themselves,” he said, according to The New York Post.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that Russian forces and separatists now control about 20 percent of the country as they continue to advance in the country’s eastern flank.

Russian forces and Ukrainians have been fighting it out in Donbas, which Kyiv said is the fiercest fight in Europe since WWII. Zelensky said earlier this week that his country is losing as many as 100 soldiers a day in the conflict.

“The most difficult situation is in the east of Ukraine and southern Donetsk and Luhansk​,” Zelensky told Newsmax.

“The situation is very difficult. We’re losing 60 to 100 soldiers per day as killed in action and something around 500 people as wounded in action. So we are holding our defensive perimeters​,” he said.

Biden recently riled Russia when he said the U.S. will send advanced rocket systems to Ukraine that Moscow has called a “red line.”

The Kremlin said the U.S. is adding “fuel to the fire.”

“We know that the United States has been purposefully and meticulously adding fuel to the fire,” Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said, ABC News reported. “The United States pursues the course towards fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state, said last week what The Trends Journal has been advocating since the start of the Ukraine War: Zelensky should negotiate for a peaceful resolution and prevent thousands more from dying needlessly.

Ukraine has said it will not stop fighting until Russia retreats from the country.

Kissinger’s comments follow nonagenarian Noam Chomsky’s earlier statements about the dangers of a prolonged conflict in Ukraine. Chomsky, correctly, stated earlier this month that Ukrainian leadership’s cry for more heavy weapons is actually the Western “propaganda system.”

TRENDPOST: Hearing Zelensky speak, one might start to think that he’s coming from a position of power. He talks to Western leaders the way a college boy complains to his parents to send more money while away at school.

Russia could have rolled up Kyiv in a week if it unleashed its military’s full might.Ukrainian troops are only fighting today because of the historic amount of Western support. They would have been forced to negotiate weeks ago. Russia’s lead negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky, told TASS last month that Moscow is willing to resume negotiations, but Kyiv must make the first step.

“For our part, we are ready to continue the dialogue. But I will emphasize once again: the ball for the continuation of peace talks is in Ukraine’s court. Freezing the talks is entirely Ukraine’s initiative,” Medinsky said.

The time is now.


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